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D'Angel Barnhart

I am a passionate explorer of creative expression. As a child, I was fascinated by how I was able to watch a character develop on a page. Now, what keeps me captivated is being able to transmute a concept visually that helps myself and others. This leads to why I value the strength of visual art because it is timeless and many people can interpret it without a backstory.

I have a few approaches to visual art, some taking the form of abstract and others more realistic. What you will see within some of the artwork is a documentation of my inter- and interpersonal growth. Expressing in this form has helped me realize concepts I want to root within my perspective. In another style, you will see me stretch my comfort zone of what I thought art should be. This approach has made me question, what is good art? Which I find, not to be of simply pretty work, but the artist challenging their self. 

To conclude, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Enjoy and take care.

In summary, this journey has been full of lessons, with many more to come and has made me feel vulnerable, excited, and at peace.

Soft Rainbow Focus

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